SIZE:  600 SF

The Food Market is a hybrid gourmet deli, specialty coffee house and upscale pastry shop all in one. Artisanal delicacies and intricate sweet creations are being on display next to selected cooking accessories, that complement the offering in a clean, modern, yet warm and inviting environment. Light millwork, white stone like countertops and seemingly floating wood shelving on simple metal brackets let the merchandise take the stage. The retail space captivates by its subtle, timeless elegance and rustic chic without trying to overshadow the uniqueness of the products offered.

For those who want to take a little bit of the Vyne home with them, the Vyne Food Market will serve prepared foods inspired by the chefs at Vyne. The market is attached the restaurant and will be a source for locally grown and specialty foods and accessories that exemplify the high level of quality and detail that the Yimoyines family has brought to all of their Tranquillity Estate venues.