SIZE: 8,568 SF

TPD introduces a fresh and dramatic take on an established restaurant chain with unique architectural features that help to emphasize a sense of excitement. A new and diverse palette of material and finishes provides a much needed influx of texture, color and contrast to an established restaurant chain.  The highlight of the space is a 3 story atrium, introduced to provide a visual connection to all floors and to emphasize the grandness of the narrow floor-plate.  Distressed wood, natural brick, porcelain tile, honey colored oak floors and custom details throughout all contribute to create a fun and warm eating environment. 

A new multi-color rainscreen façade sets the tone for an established restaurant chain. Random colors, orientation, oversized LED signage, and an unfolding canopy all help to maximize street presence for this small scale building.  The grandness of the design is continued on the interior with the introduction of a 3 storey atrium, allowing natural light to flood deep into the space and providing vibrant visual stimulation.