SIZE: 1,800 SF

Tobin | Parnes’ husband and wife team, Andrea Dibner and Gerard Orozco, have found their ‘style’ and passion for historical restoration and renovation in an 1872 Italian Empire historic brownstone.  Using a mixture of modern and antique architectural elements, a warm color palette and lovingly selected artwork and artifacts, a harmoniously balanced environment was achieved within the classically detailed home.
Gerard, a craftsman at heart, and Andrea, an avid gardener and constant project manager, performed all of the design, tiling, painting, hardware replacement, plaster repair, millwork, landscaping, and gardening upgrades personally.

TPD transformed this small and underutilized backyard space of a historic Brooklyn brownstone into an intimate, richly detailed environment with an elevated planter bed incorporating a charming water feature. Large format multi-colored slate tiles, cedar shadow box fencing, teak  furniture, and an array of free standing terracotta planters with carefully selected plant species are all contrasted by the undulating black polished Mexican beach pebble border.  Proof that good things come in small packages.