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Tobin Parnes Design has developed a new prototype design and brand identity for an organization that is transforming 15 existing urgent care walk-in clinics, in the New York City Metropolitan Area, into primary care doctor’s offices.  

A defining objective of the new primary care facilities is a shift from a transactional-based business model to one that is more personal and relationship-based.  We have worked with our client to create a warm and welcoming environment that fosters trust and familiarity between the doctors/caregivers and the communities they serve. This new brand of wellness is communicated throughout every new facility. Each location shares common design elements such as millwork feature walls, a color palette inspired by the company logo, furnishings and interior finishes, but all contain individual design elements inspired by the local neighborhood, providing a sense of individuality. The guiding aesthetic and quality is inspired more by hospitality and retail design rather than the typical healthcare model.